last night

i dreamed that i filled up my iPod and i was so upset about it. but ihave like 7 gigs available, so i’m all over the iTunes music store this morning.


i’m kinda tired of edo cuz they keep forgetting to deliver wasabi with my sushi.


kurt took this saturday off work because he thought he was going to be in indianapolis watching some formula 1 race. well, the ticket-getting guy waited too long and now the only ones left are pretty expensive, so he’s not going. anyhow, that means we’ll have an evening available for a nicefancyrestaurantmeal. i just need to figure out where to go and make reservations for us.


there’s a new gal at work whom i’m buddying up with to work on a huge project. she’s fitting in great, and has even taken to joining our a.m. coffeetawks! which is good, cuz once we all move upstairs, we’ll probably not be able to have them anymore.
:/ i just cleaned up some commentspam.. my mt-blacklist doesn’t seem to be working anymore…


i’m so boring. i can’t think of anything to post. kurt and i just got back from a 2 hour bike ride. we went around monona bay and back to the crystal for a tasty beverage. i got some biking gloves and a water bottle holder at machinery row bikes. now i’m sweaty and waiting for pokertime.

top 10

every morning (almost) we have coffeeclutch in someone’s cube. this morning’s conversation turned to favorite movies. so i’ll attempt to bring our conversation into the int0rweb by coming up with my top 10* favorite** movies. Complete with linkage to the Internet Movie Database.
10. Shawshank Redemption
9. The Color Purple
8. Labrynth
7. The Neverending Story
6. The Princess Bride
5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
The Office ok, it’s not a movie, but it’s worth being on this list.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
1. The Breakfast Club
*these are really in no particular order. **edited because of mom’s comment.

woke up

can’t sleep. emailed self at work with a to do list. tgfortheinternet.


people who don’t pick their feet up while they’re walking confuse me. :/