obsessive compulsive tendencies

each friday, kurt and i go grocery shopping and i buy 5 dannon yogurts; one for each morning, all different flavors. i then put them in the fridge in order of expiration date, chronologically; and eat them in that order. omg, i’m a weirdo.


i just downloaded firefox and it seems pretty neat.


i’m at work, and damn dreamweaver keeps crashing and now my computer froze and if i didn’t have a pc in my cube as well, i’d be punching something.


i actually got it working from home! this means i, in fact, do /not/ have to drive all the way to middleton tomorrow. huzzah! omg nevermind. i can’t copy files to my desktop to work on them; so this whole thing is useless.

i can’t

decide if i should come in to work tomorrow, /or/ burn a CD of the things i need to work on and do it at home. or, jesse says, neither..


i started listening to every song in my iPod in alphabetical order about 3 weeks ago. i’m currently at the end of the o’s.


omg the king of falafel on university/gilman is incredible! the falafel sandwich was only $2.95 and their hummus was delish! i also tried a bowl of their chickpea and rice soup. yumm. highly recommended, five stars.