i wasn’t able to get anything done today because of the myriad of things that kept popping up. :/

sunday, sunday

just got back from a bike ride. there are a handful of bike races in the ‘hood today so parking is hit or miss. now, i think, we’re going to old navy to see what their selection of clothing is like. then i have yoga and texas hold ’em. oh! the buttons i got off ebay were a big success last week.

i started

a slipper from knitting pretty but i frogged it last night. i’m just not motivated to knit anything! :confused: what i need to do is try knitting with beads because i have a *bunch* of those hanging around. and, the interweb seems really slow this morning.

uh oh

i’m spending a lot of time on the iTunes Music Store. i can’t think of the song i was singing earlier today, though.

random observations

i’ve had the same phone number since 1996. there’s this guy, who appears to be homeless, who is always leaning against the warm air vent on the gef1 building. i always want to stop and give him a dollar or something.. in the winter, i almost tossed a scarf i had out of the window, but that would have probably come off as rude. :confused:

sunday, sunday

yoga was great. except the last part where we’re supposed to relax.. i remembered that my cellphone ringer wasn’t turned off so i spent the whole time hoping that no one would call me. i just got home from 4.5 hours of texas hold ’em wherein i went out in 3rd place. kurt told me i shoulda folded. i told him i was tired of playing. by the way, i’m in way less pain right now than i was the night of yoga class #1.

testing new feature

i just installed a movabletype plugin that will allow me to call a smiley image just by typing :smile: . let’s hope it works :confused: i guess it sorta does :grin: now i have to fix my stylesheets.


i finally finished the shawl for work.

i also tried looking for a suitable replacement yarn for the interweave knits leaf shawl, because euroflax linen at $14.95 a cone makes it almost a $100 shawl (with shipping). that’s ridiculous.

knitstuff, finally

the fridayfive lady has hung up her hat. i can understand.. it would be kind of annoying to have to come up with five questions every week for 2.5 years. i’d like to say that i’d give it a try, but i don’t think i could. besides, she’s not selling the domain or anything, so it’s not like it matters. i am happy it’s friday, nonetheless!