so kurt and i got new phones on thursday. they don’t make orange faceplates for it, so i knitted a new cozy.

fork you

this was our sink a couple days ago. i thought it looked funny because it would appear that we only ever use forks. (img tag missing)


happening today. kurt and i got up and went to la hacienda. we’re big into the roasted poblano quesadillas and the horchata makes my tummy feel better. i keep meaning to find a recipe to make it at home, but i’m willing to bet it’s a lot of work..
maybe not: Horchata.


i woke up at 9 and gave a “thumbs up” to my clock. i should also note that i haven’t done more than 3 rows of knitting in the last 3 weeks. :/ i just can’t seem to think of anything that i want knitted.


i can’t wait to sleep in for the next five days in a row.

random stuff

well, movabletype has gone and gotten all expensive. i don’t think i’m willing to shell out $100. i wish i was a programming geek; then i could author my own blog back-end. i got a little more work done this weekend. i think i worked a total of 7 hours, which means i can afford the time to take off next thursday, giving me a 5 day weekend! after today, there are only 2 more yoga classes. i’m both saddened and excited about this. i find myself looking forward to yoga until about noon on sunday. :smile: the previously mentioned bbs is having a reunion thingy in a month. i think i’m gunna go and check it out. i hope there are no nametags involved. oh, and i just found this funny song by Eric Idle. headphones on. nsfw.


i thought if i’d work from home this weekend, i’d get more done. but, i couldn’t get remote access because mattel doesn’t support WinXP so i had to do this weird archaic thing and burn my files to cd, bring them home, and burn them before i go back to work. lame. anyhow, kurt just left for work, so i’m going to try not to get distracted by the internet and get some stuff done. oh, we just got back from bestbuy and i bought a new phone cuz kurt hates our current sony phone.


my old bbs has a website now. by “my”, i mean, the one that i used to call all the time and spend my nights staring at a mac classic in the dark. excerpts from my “bio”*: /i think most people should leave me alone if they dont like me or what i do, and why do i smell oranges? i want an orange./ /i wish i could walk around with my own little space, and shut my sun off when i didnt want it on but id still be able to see and talk to people next to me, but their sun wouldnt get in my way./
this is especially funny: /pat mccurdy is god/ *my last call made to this bbs was some time in ’95, hence all the angst. and just for fun, lets see what i wrote a year ago.


i got more done between 6 and 8 am than between 8 and 5. today i had to be rude to one of my good coworkers cuz i couldn’t be bothered. i’m on a tightschedule; so tight, that got no space.