i was reminded last night that joe is going out of town. therefore kurt and i get to take care of sam until next monday night! hooray! i can’t seem to locate an image of him, but i know i’ve got one somewhere. maybe later.


exciting to report. i’m working on an aran pouch from one of vogue’s /on the go/ books. it’s my first aran project and aside from the time it takes to do so many cables in one row, it’s not that difficult. it is a little like reading a foreign language.. in progress pics will come later.

i just

catalogued and ball-wound all of my yarn hoping it would inspire me to knit. i did just finish this:

it’s a bathmitt for the shower. link via mom at bernat’s site. a simple, free membership process is required to see the pattern. i also completed a new item and put it up in my boutique. it’s the first thumbnail at the top left.


but there’s no fridayfive today.. i can’t wait to get home from work and plop my butt on the couch.


this week has been pretty lame. nothing at work has challenged my greymatter. i don’t really want to knit anything. the stupid computer company that sold me broken bits /still/ hasn’t issued a refund. okthx.

i dislike it when my chapstick gets so low that when trying to apply it, the substance is below the cylindrical lip and it just scrapes it off immediately after going on

boring tuesday

a workmate and i are trying to institute “breakdance tuesday” to make tuesdays more exciting. no one’s taken the plunge to actually do it, but we sure like to talk about it.