i just know

you’re all on the edge of your seats over my computer.. it’s misbehaving and i’ll have to return the new mobo+cpu. hopefully they won’t give me any grief. so, depending on when i can get a new one installed, i’ll be down for the count for a little while.


i’m back up. i need to get used to winxp. and, of course, i lost all my email addresses. poo.

sorta good news

i took the day off work today.. my throat was feeling a little sore. anyhow, i’m at my good friend jon’s house and he’s helping me get my computer back up to 100% healthy. :) there’s no fridayfive today, so i’ll leave you with this update.

still haven’t

gotten around to installing the new motherboard. i’m nervous, to be completely honest. i also didn’t get much knitting done yesterday or monday. i’ve been busy. oh! we did get a new kitchen sink fixture so the stream is more than a tinkle.


mom just emailed me this picture. it’s me at ~10 playing Uno with my cat.


i ordered the business side of creativity from overstock. i must say, i don’t find their site to be very user-friendly. i almost paid the extra $3 just so i could use amazon.. but i wanted to check out their entire purchase process.
the sweater front is coming along nicely. after another inch, i’ll have neck and shoulder shaping to do, then i can start on the sleeves. there’s a knitting night here at work at 5:30.. i’m not going to attend.. i left my knitting at home so i wouldn’t stay. and you know what? the /only/ reason i’m not going is because by the time 5 rolls around, i won’t want to stay in this building for another second.

and another thing

if my new mobo doesn’t support my current video card, i will have to go get a new one. and perhaps a new monitor to go with it. then i can have dualies!


with the very gracious help of jay allen, i now have an mt plugin installed to block comment spam. it’s generally based on a list that he’s put together of url’s that are most likely to be left in someone’s comments. now back to regularly scheduled knitting.