it’s about time.

At this moment, what is your favorite… …song?
hmm. i guess i don’t have one.
2. …food?
steamed broccoli
3. …tv show?
4. …scent?
anything vaguely staticky
5. …quote?
“At eighty, I think what I shall regret are the things I always wanted to do and never did; the experiences I denied myself because I was too concerned about others’ opinions, or too anxious for their approval; but I think I would regret most a life wasted living as someone who was not me…”
– Unknown

i shouldn’t

be worried.. since i’m 3″ away from finishing the sleeve and have started on the 4th of 5 skeins of yarn, but i am. i’m worried that i’ll run out of yarn. i’m not 100% worried about dye lots cuz it might look cool if the top is darker or lighter, but i’ll be somewhat put-out since i’ll have to order more, which means waiting.

knitting update

the sweater is going well.. i’m about halfway done with sleeve #2 and should be able to make a nice dent in it tonight. i really need to find an occupation that allows me to knit during down-times.

i don’t like spam

i’ve been the victim of comment-spam; it certainly took longer than i had expected for this to happen. now i get to research how to fix it.


thanks, greatly, to MLK, J. i’m able to spend the day on the couch. :) hopefully i’ll get both sleeves done today and can start the daunting process of joining them to the body.

visual update

after succesfully upgrading movable type, i figured it was time for some pictures. this first one is the start of very first sweater. after thoroughly reading the directions, i might be emailing kate (the pattern designer) for some help. i hope she won’t mind. :)
this next one is a super idea that i saw on someone else’s blog pictures.. i never knew what to do with the row counter. i’d lose it in the couch if it weren’t attached to anything, so if you tie it on the end of the yarn tail, it’s right there for you when you get done with a round! simply ingenious.
with the help of the marvelous amy last weekend, we (well, she) made this from debbie stoller’s stitch ‘n bitch. mom bought me this fabric over a year ago and i just figured out what to do with it. thanks mom!


with freezing rain turning to snow, the sidewalks around here are sure to be slippery. i’m walking up to lazy jane’s this morning to meet friend from work and his wife for breakfast. hopefully i can make a dent in the sweater today. it’s about 6″ long now. i’m amazed at people like bonne marie who seem to pump out a sweater a day! i aspire to be like her. she’s “lucky” though, she gets commute time to knit.