flower washcloth

it’s done but not blocked yet (pics soon thereafter). i have decided i don’t like knitting with cotton on small(ish) needles. or at least the susan bates needles that i usually use. it didn’t want to slide around and made my hands hurt. my stash-busting is going well. i’ve spent quite a bit looking through all my knitting books, trying to piece together patterns to use up more of it. it seems i’ve purchased a lot of little quanitites of yarn, just to try it out, but not enough to even make a hat, so i might just have a lot of skinny scarves in my boutique soon. :) i haven’t touched the knitting machine since last sunday. i told the lender that it seems too complicated and unable to do the things i want to try next. we’ll see.

small knits

i’ve found great enjoyment in knitting little things. i just picked up this season’s interweave knits because another blogger had posted about her flower shaped washcloths. just about the only small thing in the whole magazine. as i paged through the sweaters, i wondered how i would feel about spending so much on yarn for a sweater that would probably make me look completely frumpy. i think it’ll be a little while before i can convince myself to work on something big like that.
other news: i finally ordered a set of denise interchangeable needles because i found a shawl pattern that i want to work on, and i’m tired of waiting for time to go to any handful of crafty or yarn stores to get new needles. i hope they come soon, and i hope i like them. they’re spendy.

new project

i’m slowly working on the alien illusion scarf. i can’t think of who to give it to (or who would appreciate both the work gone into it, and the aliens) so i think that’s why it’s taking me so long. so i started sally melville’s shape it scarf, for the puppy’s owner, with the leftover yarn. (img tag missing) shapeit_01.jpg


i ordered these forever ago from Name Maker and they only just arrived yesterday, so i wasn’t able to get them on any holiday gifts. my only disappointment with them is the thread count of the fabric. if you make a hole with a pin, it’s there for good.

almost forgot

i keep thinking today is saturday. but it’s not.
1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
finding a hobby that i am passionate about and that helps me de-stress.
2. What was your biggest disappointment?
the realization that i have to work every day until i can retire. though, realizing that made it easier to deal with working.
3. What do you hope the new year brings?
less smoking. and a puppy.
4. Will you be making any New Year’s resolutions? If yes, what will they be?
i don’t usually do those.
5. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?
i’ll probably end up somewhere with friends.

doggie sweater

it’ll look better once i can get a picture with the dog wearing it, but i think it turned out nicely; for a one-of-a-kind piece. (img tag missing) doggie.jpg

new knitting

since i can’t seem to work from a chart (re: alien illusion scarf), and i don’t have any more giftknitting to do, i’m starting on a dog sweater for a friends’ boston terrier. i’m designing it from scratch and to custom-fit this cute little one. i’ll surely let you know how it turns out.


the striped stockings are all done. i attempted to steam them with an ancient norelco steamer, but ended up pouring hot water on one of them instead. so it’s drying. hopefully it won’t spontaneously felt. (img tag missing) socks_02.jpg


kurt got me a digital camera for the holiday! i’ve been complaining about the poor (and old) quality of my sony camera. so he got me an awesome kodak one with zoom and everything! here’s a example of a knitted bit on the new camera: (img tag missing) socks.jpg


faithful readers, i’ve been lax with the pictures of knitting. these knee-high stockings are taking an awful long time because i keep not reading the shaping instructions. :) i’m onto the foot of stocking#2 and, if all goes well tonight, will have them completed.
the machine knitting is still kind of awkward. it’s an old machine and therefore kinda sticky at times. i’m sure i’ll be spending some time with it over the holiday.