fridayfive is kinda boring today.. go here to fill your friday mid-day. link via new web manager guy at work.


i found a dry erase board here at work, just a little one. smaller than 8.5″ x 11″. it’s been sitting blank for almost 2 months. on tuesday of this week, i decided to make it the word-of-the-day board.
i’m thrilled at the progress i’ve made with mom’s poncho. i finally had to put it down last night because my hands wanted to move faster than my brain. the second rectangle is roughly 18″ long, so i have 12″ to go and then the assembly starts.

that striped hat

i was trying to make it longer, but i just got tired of it.. plus i have to get back to mom’s poncho. pardon the darkness of the image, but the hat is accurate. i need a new digicam.


almost forever, the wisconsinized moen family has met in barneveld for their annual lutefisk dinner. that day is almost upon us once again. most people are scared of the notion. if you’ve ever had the chance to try it, you’ll either hate it immediately, or be forced to come to appreciate it. basically, it’s cod soaked in lye for preservation reasons. then there’s a lengthy “de-soaking” process that takes a week, if my memory serves. they do get all the lye out before it’s cooked, you know. then it’s served with mashed potatoes, lefse, and melted butter. mom and i eat it like a little lutefisk burrito. whatever, don’t make that face, i think “fish taco” sounds gross.

i lied

only it’s an okay lie. saturday will not involve going to ikea. it’s lutefisk saturday, once again. i’ll tell you all about it later.


i’ve never been… we’re going on saturday. i think it’s roughly 2.5 hours in the car (once we get in the car). i need a rocking chair, with no arms, to knit in. the couch is messing with my back. i would gladly order the wanted chair online, but i really need to sit in it first, to make sure that knitting won’t be interrupted. so, it’s a toss-up between this and this.


desktop image, one of my ferrets: it reminds me of an illustrator’s style, but i can’t think of which one.


an awful lot of groaning going on here today. *edited to get waaay less work-specific.
kurt needs to win powerball, or we need to move somewhere where my skills are paid for appropriately and where i can grow and learn in an environment that knows it’s purpose.


knitted, breakfasted, knitted, pooled, taco sunday’d, knitted. good day.