an open letter

to the person who seems to be unable to find the perfect haircut and keeps landing on my blog: go here or get off your as* and find a decent stylist and tell them you want a short, fashionable, timely haircut.

the weekend

was pretty productive. as i’m sure you can imagine, i knitted like a fiend. didn’t get much else done, though. the ferrets got to play with charlotte* on saturday night as we were getting our butts kicked during a friendly game of euchre. charlotte’s mom is just too good! *the neighborhood corgy.


it’s almost too cold to knit! i went around the house and closed all the storm windows and joe helped me take the air conditioner out. sam is spending the afternoon up here cuz he keeps barking at nothing downstairs. i’m working on making my yarn stash smaller.. i started a scarf for a friend and finished the jester hat yesterday. it’s dang cute.

i wonder

sometimes, if i need to even come to work. when 5 hours has past and i’ve spent most of it “hurry up and wait”ing, it doesn’t make me feel very special.


why is it when i’m the 5th car back at a red light, the 6th car back thinks it’s the first car when the light turns green? more people should try to understand momentum.