Dahl for the soul

I actually read a useful post on alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian! Most of the time it’s this one guy, “God”, telling everyone how not eating meat is killing the cows or some sh*t like that. Anyhow, I found this site, which has a ton of recipes for Dahl. I’ll probably turn into a legume this winter.

Willy St. Co-op

After being all but flogged on the dailypage forum for asking what the benefits are of being a member at the Co-op, Kurt and I are now members. I think it’ll be a good thing, though the prices are a little crazy. Benefits to me: 1. They really do have excellent vegetables. 2. I have at least 6 friends that work there. 3. The deli is yummy. 4. They have sushi-making supplies, books, and fish.

the Friday after

I’m sure glad I don’t have to work today. It feels an awful lot like a Sunday right now, except I have to do USPS-type things and I know that I can. (reference to a festival in some other language removed cuz it’s old)


Traditionally a coming together of families and eating, this year everyone’s going to other people’s houses. Or staying home. Next year, if K. and I get our sh*t together, we might have some people over to our house. You see, we’ll have a dining room then and I can’t wait! Though, we have nothing that resembles any sort of dining room table. Happy Day to you all.

Tuesday like a Wednesday

It’s a short week this week. I have Thursday and Friday off. Friday, not because of Thanksgiving, but because no one else is going to be here which would help me not get anything done if I were to show up. So, I’m boycotting the cafe here at work. They’re terribly inefficient and thoughtless when it comes to vegetarians. I’ll bet you $2 that they use chicken broth in the damn tomato soup. Anyhow, I’ve made it a week and two days without even setting foot in the cafe. This brings me to a site that I just found. Vegweb.com, I was looking for something quick to make and heat up for lunch. I’m kinda getting tired of cucumber and cheese sandwiches. So, this is what I found. I think I’ll be trying that tomorrow!

Busy week

I’ve been very unfaithful to my dedicated readers. The problem is that I’m actually busy at work for now and I don’t have time to find cool sites for you to look at or funny things to say. Though, someone at work clued me onto this one which is entertaining for about ten minutes.


My very first sale on eBay is selling! It ends in less than 2 hours and people are going nutso! I started the bidding at $10 just cuz I don’t really care how much it goes for and it’s already up to $23. I’m psyched.

a whole lotta nothin’

It’s already past the middle of November. I wonder if time is flying because I’m having fun? Or if it just does this when you’re older than 13. I’m going to promise not to buy anything from Amazon between now and New Year’s. I’m making it incredibly difficult for K. to think of something to get me for xmas. I really told him not to get me anything, especially if it’s just for the sake of it. I think I should start a one present per person tradition. Or I could pull a Jenny Green and ask that my willing gift-givers make a donation to a charity of their choice. The trouble with this is that you get one someone’s mailing list and can’t get off.

Not so much…

The week’s been wholly uneventful so far. I took yesterday off which lended some time to get three of the windows plastiqued. I really like the hairdryer part of putting plastic up. I will now make a plug for 3M and their marvelous tape. I got an off-brand last winter and the tape hardly held, and it peeled off terribly with little shards of dried up plastic that smell like some sort of medication. Really. There’s a reason 3M is the best manufacturer of sticky products. I even like their bandaids more than Band-Aid brand.