sunny disposition

a friend once called me effervescent. i had no idea what it meant at the time.

a co-worker that recently left said he’d miss my bubbly personality.

i ran into a woman at a local coffee shop who said to her friend about me, “she always has such a sunny disposition!”

i’m glad these moments happen because they outweigh folks who know that i bike every day, all year and say (because the wind may have picked up or it’s sleeting a little), “you’re going to hate it out there.”

of course, i’m not going to hate it. i don’t hate anything, and i’m sorry that you’re so negative that you feel like you have to push your sad and grumpy attitude on someone who is clearly prepared to bike in a little wind or rain.

grow a pair, wouldya?

*edited to add that i’ve now also been described as frustratingly nice.

sun salute

i did day five of the 21 days of yoga this morning, i think i have the warm-up moves memorized now and am using the right muscles (not back but abs) to keep myself balanced.

i took yesterday off the routine to let the muscles rest a little, also because we inadvertently skipped dinner on saturday night, so my energy level was quite low.

in other news, i’ve started doing that thing where i get myself involved in several different activities in order to keep distracted. i’m going to start organizing a meetup which i’m getting work to sponsor. i’m trying to meet with a local pantry to see if i can volunteer (at least web services, if not time). and, i’m taking on another freelance gig; i’ll meet with the client this weekend.

i’m also meeting with a tattoo artist this afternoon to discuss a chest piece. i’m excited because her style is really neat.


i bought the 21-day yoga body thingy almost a year ago, thinking i would transform into a flexible stretchy machine overnight. well, now that i’m almost a year older, and that much wiser, i know that is an impossible feat to ask my body to accomplish.

after a really nice talk with a friend who’s gotten into coaching, i decided to give it another try.

i can’t do yoga in the living room because there are too many animals wondering if they can help or get petted since i’m at their level. so, we cleaned up the front bedroom enough that the floor is usable and my yoga mat lives in there now.

as of this morning, i’ve completed day three and, if nothing else, feel better and enjoy the quiet, centered time before getting ready for work.


my blood pressure has stabilized at a normal range. the nurse suggested that losing 5-10 pounds might also help. i thought that was cute.

got my labs back this morning. my liver is fine. my bad cholesterol is ridiculously low. my good cholesterol is on the low end of normal. the dr suggests more exercise might raise that. what’s with these health care professionals?

i’m considering taking john nolan and going around monona bay to add to the work commute, but i can’t really see myself adding jogging or the like into my weekly routine. at least not as of yet.



i decided to pay my friend, Jim, a visit for yoga last night. he’s the owner and director of main street yoga and i’ve known him for quite some time. i asked Maureen if she’d come with me. even though the practice is typically very internal, it’s nice to have a friend nearby to share faces of surprise and amazement.

the hour and a half went by very quickly.

once we got to shavasana, i wished that it could be longer. my thoughts drifted to the “time-out”s that i had to endure as a hyperactive kid. my mom would be in the kitchen doing something, and when i needed a time out, she’d tell me to sit on one of the kitchen chairs and she’d set the microwave timer, usually for 10 minutes. each of those moments were the longest 10 minutes of my childhood.

it’s too bad 39-year old me couldn’t tell 7-year old me to relish those minutes cuz i might wish for that to happen more often when i got older.

health update

i’ve been checking my blood pressure with my cuff almost nightly, which puts me in the “officially old” category, doesn’t it?

i made a line graph charting the daily sys/dia numbers, along with notes and resting heart rate to take to the nurse this friday. we’re going to check the bp again and she’ll probably calibrate my cuff so it’s accurate to theirs.

i’ve been taking niacin and co q-10 as i’ve read those are known to reduce high blood pressure, along with an essential oil mix on the bottom of my big toe before bed.

all that doesn’t seem to have had much of an effect. my uneducated opinion is that it has more to do with my stress level during the day and whether or not i sit my ass down for 15 minutes before i take the reading. which i usually don’t have/take time to do.

perhaps i’ll learn to meditate.

“normal” diet

coming off the fast, i have a craving for pizza and salsa and really good bread. after only five days!

knowing that i’d probably want some sort of sweet after cutting out sugars for a (work) week, i made oh she glows’ chia jam bars yesterday. i had a mishap with the first batch of jam, wherein i put it in the freezer to set more quickly and the bowl tipped over and set itself right in the freezer door shelf. a loud f-bomb was exclaimed, mostly because i had just nearly emptied two madagascar vanilla beans into the jam, and secondly, because i really wanted the end result.

luckily, i didn’t throw away the bean pods and was able to scrape more seeds, *and* i seems to hoard frozen fruit. i had more strawberries than i had initially thought and happily started the process over.

too many hours later, i had enough sun butter jam bars to last me a couple weeks. that is, until i eat them all.

the sweetener is coconut nectar, since i didn’t have any molasses or brown rice syrup.

detox days three, four, and five

i forgot to post because friday came and went so quickly. the rice cake + avo with a had boiled egg was an interesting snack, but it filled the void. the lentil soup wasn’t all that flavorful, but i have since learned that items made with home made broth need more salt added than one would think.

dinner was cabbage-wrapped dim sum and it was a lot of work. i’m not sure that it would be worth it again.

saturday morning’s oatmeal was good. but, again, not worth the effort. i think i’ll stick to my overnight oats from oh she glows.

the niçois salad was tasty, and it was just enough to keep me from buying everything during our grocery shop. i skipped the afternoon snack because i wasn’t hungry. we used up the rest of the chicken from friday for laarb cabbage cups and miso sweet potatoes. matt enjoyed both things and is willing to try the laarb again. i think i’d like to use a more authentic recipe that isn’t catered to a detox.

this morning i had egg drop soup for breakfast and then distracted myself in the kitchen for so long that i forgot to eat lunch and forgot to get some work done. i broke the detox with some brown rice (tho, that was already called for in the last meal — fried rice) and roasted chicken.

after dinner, i whipped up some chicken noodle soup for this week’s lunches and have some new items to add to my weekly snack routine. namely, turmeric lattes.

detox night two

yesterday was a little rough. around 2, i started feeling pretty lethargic and my eyes started burning/getting fuzzy. i remembered the afternoon snack of apple and cashew and that seemed to help the lethargy, but my mood was definitely sour.

i woke up today and apologized to a coworker for being terse. his response, “No need to apologize. I didn’t think you were being terse at all. You’re so nice that even when you’re pissed, you still sound polite.”

isn’t that sweet? i guess, over online chat, i sound the same as normal.

last night, i had arrived home to a sink full of dishes and a full but dirty dishwasher, so that put a little damper on things. but, once i got my head around dinner and lunch for today (lunch was to use up some of the lentils from dinner), i was okayish.

on to dinner! and the story of the radicchio. so, this detox is laid out nicely, with a big ol’ shopping list split out by department and menus for each day with instructions for what to prep for lunch after you’re done eating dinner.

i use a guest check pad for my grocery lists because they’re abundant in the house.


the list for the detox took up four pages and we found almost everything at woodman’s. the two ingredients that aren’t available there are oil-cured black olives and radicchio. i knew i could get the olives at jeni st market since they have an olive bar, but i also knew that i couldn’t call to ask if they had radicchio because the average age of the checkout folks is about 13 and i once had one of them ask me what a leek was so she could ring it up.

my only other option was to call the willy st coop. on a saturday. nearing 5 pm.

i was transferred to produce, where the nice man double-checked for me that there was, in fact, one radicchio left. we hustled over (in the car) to the coop and the parking lot was jam packed, with folks circling and following people to their cars.

it reminded me of school at matc where people would park and wait at the end of aisles. my friends and i would always pick a row to walk down and then cut through, subsequently pissing off the driver and getting them out of their first place in line. haha.

i asked matt if he’d be ok with hopping out to grab the radicchio and meeting me at the car in the back of the store. he kindly did as i found a spot to park on the street. i ran in to make sure he had the right member number and looked down at the checkout belt and saw a very sad looking little vegetable. then i looked up at the register to see that it was $5.09. wah wah wah.

i wanted to get a feel for this sad, $5 thing so we grilled it with a dinner salad on sunday night. i wasn’t super impressed, but willing to give it another try. last night’s dinner was lentils with grilled radicchio and salmon. i ended up having to cook the salmon further because it was so thick, which gave me an opportunity to throw the grilled radicchio away.

i do not like it.


today’s lunch is immersion-blended lentils and bone broth.

i swayed from the menu and made a turmeric latte for my morning snack. it was good enough that i’d do it again.