and just like that

lance came over again last night to keep working on the deck. he’s expressed many times that “whoever built that thing shouldn’t have”. like matt suggested, it’s the bane of my existence.

he’s going to come over tonight to finish up the railing over yonder. i’m hoping the labor cost will be reasonable, but i have no idea how much he charges per hour.

mercury in retrograde

a couple of weeks ago, i had asked one of my cohorts if he thought we should cancel this month’s meetup because the traffic from the concerts on the square and it being summer made last month’s turnout about a third of what was expected.

he hemmed long enough for the possible speaker to get back to me with confirmation that he could come up from rockford. this was good news because he’s an expert on woocommerce and that topic has been requested several times.

fast forward to last night when i didn’t want to leave rodney’s side to bike downtown but did it anyway because i’m committed to people learning. right after i locked up my bike outside of 100state (at 5:32 pm), i pulled out my phone to check email and work chat in case something had come up.

while i was en route, i had received an email from the speaker that he was going to have to cancel due to a family emergency.

it was way too late to cancel the meetup; some of our regulars drive 45+ minutes (one guy drove 100 miles for this topic), and it was way too late to cancel the pizza since it was probably already in the delivery driver’s car.

so i go upstairs and plop everything down, unprepared to be in this position. i informed the guy who has taken over sponsorship of the group (so we can meet at 100state) and he made some phone calls. after those did not pan out, he spent the next 10 minutes whipping together a presentation which he nailed out of the park.

i was in awe. happily in awe.

i woke up yesterday morning, not realizing mercury was starting its retrograde spin, thinking that i should have a backup plan prepared in case something like this were to happen.

at least now i have a month to figure that one out.

pleasant surprise

i got home last night (after what may have been the most stressful start to a wordpress meetup to date–more on that later) and lance’s truck was parked in front of the house. we hadn’t talked about when he could come over to work on the deck, so i was happy to see him there.

he made so much progress in just a short amount of time! he replaced the middle support (on the left) and the three cross beams at the far end, and the post.


i was testing something out for work and needed to look at my blog. i read back over birthday week and the week leading up to rodney entering my life and i’m really glad that i don’t feel so alone and zombie-like anymore.

during the dog walk this morning, we got to talking about something and i mentioned that i don’t really hide my emotions and he said he’d only seen one so far; “happy”.

i didn’t mention that just two weeks before we started talking, i woke up sobbing to an empty room.

i’m so, so glad that’s over.


we had another great weekend, complete with yummy food, good pool, and laughs and laughs.

friday was a buncha pool and some chicken for dinner

he had to finish up a paint job on saturday morning, so i headed to costco and woodman’s by myself. we both got done around the same time, which was good cuz the hanger had started in. we didn’t make it to brunch until noonish, but a happy surprise was at mickey’s. josh finally came back!

we played some pool and went home to try to watch the fifth element, but it wasn’t received well, so we opted to stop. i think it’s one of those movies that you had to see when it came out (almost 20 years ago).

sunday was another brunch/wilson’s-for cubs/pool/home day. softball practice was canceled, likely due to the field condition.

i was supposed to go with lance to menards one of the days to collect materials for fixing the deck, but our schedules didn’t coincide.

eggplant and pasta

i need to start taking food pics again.

last night we made breaded eggplant and pasta with homemade sauce.

rodney offered to help do anything, and as it’s been a while since i’ve had a sous chef, it was hard for me to delegate, but i managed. he shredded the parm and beat the eggs and dredged the eggplant while i worked on other stuff.

i pulled out the linguine and asked if that was preferred to angel hair, but he said he liked angel hair better. i said i didn’t really care about straight pasta but definitely have an opinion on shaped pasta. he asked what my favorite shape was. i said, “orecchiette.” he said, “LITTLE EARS?! get out of here.”

so, yea. another thing we have in common that seems completely irrelevant until we discover it and then i get goosebumps thinking about it later.

weird dreams again

i had combo stress dreams about having to learn a new CMS and playing super mario world but everything was in japanese. rodney didn’t sleep well last night, either. maybe there’s something in the air.

we’ve been having a good time of life and things continue to be pretty amazing.

hopefully, this weekend, lance can come over and help me with the material list for the deck and a plan of attack for fixing it.

a pretty surprise

rodney needed to stock up on drank for at home, and had planned on just running down the street to seversin’s. at the last minute, he said he was gunna go to woodman’s instead. i thought nothing of it cuz i was busy trying to impress with gwenny’s rotisserie style chicken.

while i was hanging in the kitchen, chopping up veggies and such, i wondered what was taking so long. upon his return, he surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses.

it’s nice to be surprised.

also, stress dreams

it’s been a while since i’ve dreamed about the doll factory, but last night it felt like it went on and on for hours. i remember zipper, skip and kelly making an appearance, and there was a lot of walking around the cube farm trying to find people… except, of course, it wasn’t the same layout or people. i remember waking up, feeling relieved and a little irritated.

i’m so glad i don’t work there anymore.

july is half over

and just like that, the summer is speeding right by me again.

after a bit of an incident on wednesday night, i worked from home on friday, hoping a friend could come over and take a look.

the head fireman was dumbfounded because there was no trace of the smoke bucket that had been housing cigarettes since matt lived here.

but, since there hadn’t been any rain for a week and a half, things were very very dry. we were just about to head to bed and thankfully, the neighbors were out back with their dogs and came pounding on the door after they called 911.

i’m glad no one was hurt and it seems like it’ll be okay to fix. lance didn’t sound too bad after he took a look.

so friday, i worked, we played pool on the newly-felted tables at wilson’s, saturday was the usual. we were going to head to the fete, but it was raining when we finished brunch, so we didn’t. cool story, bro!

sunday was lazy; r had his daughter’s 10th birthday party to go to, so i stayed home and made my lunches and dozed on the couch.