come on, brain!

for some reason today, i can’t get my brain to work. i’m supposed to be starting on a new project and i can’t seem to get the traction i need to just. begin.

i feel almost like i’m floating or on a boat or something. i’m not sure if it’s because i’ve been working on one project for so long and it’s almost so close to being over that i just can’t switch gears.

i got sushi for lunch, hoping the fish would help, but it hasn’t so far.

what’s in your bag

i keep meaning to catalog and participate in cool tools’ what’s in your bag? series of posts. it’s a feature on his site, reminiscent of timbuk2’s whats in your bag and part of the every day carry phenomenon. the difference between cool tools and the other sites is that they’ll give you $100 if they feature your bag; and my bag is nothing if not featurable.

i started a list of components and quickly became overwhelmed with the thought of pulling everything out of the pockets in order to photograph, and then putting it all away, back in the right spots.

in work-related news, i’ve been made project manager for one of our design-firm clients and it’s gotten me a little stressed out (among other personal issues). new projects/situations usually do this.

i’ll leave you with a photo of merle. she did this to herself.


in my previous life

working for the doll factory, whenever i considered looking elsewhere for employment, i was throttled by the generous holiday calendar, early-out fridays, and that bonus week between christmas and new years’ that everyone (in the front of the business, anyway) got to have off. after enduring a relatively hellish fourth quarter last year, having to work almost every day over bonus week, and not getting any emotional or physical credit for it, i knew i had to get out of there; even if it meant giving up that bonus week and half day fridays.

my stress level is greatly reduced. i don’t get the sunday blues, i don’t even dread monday morning! i can roll in when it happens to work out for my sleep schedule, and i can leave and work from home or anywhere, if i needed to.

and, to top it off, i just secured a holiday from christmas eve to the 5th of january. take that, doll factory.


on monday, i was told i get to train a client on how to use their site.

today, i am frantically learning how to use their site so i can tell them how to use their site. O.O

also, i solved one issue about biking in the heat; i brought a spare shirt. it is nice to not have to wait to cool down and dry off. it’s also nice that my office is usually empty until at least 9, so i can sweat a little without being a hot mess. i don’t know about the helmet, tho. it’s just so friggin’ warm, and it’s only 60°. wait til it’s 90° :/

so, on top of this training i’m magically performing, we have the party this weekend. thankfully, george came over and mowed on sunday for us, and matt cleaned the house up, so i feel less stressed about it now.

i’m skipping yoga tonight; i need to clean out the fridge to make room for food, and wash the stove top. we’re going to get groceries on thursday, and will spend much of friday prepping the food that we can. i’m sure we’ll make a couple trips to woodman’s before the party starts, at the very least for ice.

“a better fit”

an ex-coworker lives nearby and we saw her on a dog walk this weekend. she asked how things were going at the new place and if it was a better fit.

i thought that was a weird question, because it seems to me that the old place isn’t a good fit for anyone. but, maybe that was just my limited knowledge of the general mood of my closest coworkers, and not a good representation of the rest of the people who work there. but, i don’t know. everyone always seemed pretty grim.

anyway, the new place *is* a better fit. arguments about jquery libraries and mysql statements fill the room, people actually chat around the water cooler, web development actually happens.

i was the judge of a blue suede shoe contest between the president and a vp on friday.

there is no “jeans day” incentive bull jazz, jeans are welcome any day. in fact, a couple of the developers don’t wear shoes most of the time.

i get to walk down regent street to grab lunch, if i want. there is life going on all over.

so yea, a better fit.

one downside to the new place

i’m in a room with four desks, three of us are pointed toward the middle of the room,  the three of them are guys. i can’t watch sappy videos or comment on my friends’ posts about their dying dog because i’ll start crying.

i know how uncomfortable guys get when gals start crying.

strange, new world

i just mentioned to a friend that it’s so weird to look forward to work when i wake up in the morning.

how can it be that life ends up like that?

i’ve already learned so much at the new place. last week, every day, i went home with a headache. i don’t think my brain remembered what it was like to ingest new  information.

additionally, we procured helmets for safer biking. with all the cross streets that i have to endure, and the two or three pretty heavily trafficked intersections, it seems wise to protect my noggin. especially, since i need it.

in other news, i haven’t wrapped any rocks lately. i need to get on that… it’s fun, and i could make a little money on the side, at least to support my rock and silver habit.

i’m getting extremely behind on my dailies (this is what matt and i call our rss feed subscriptions). i’ve so many unread that feedly just shows a little dot instead of a number next to most of the categories.

okay, that is all for now.


it’s weird. i’ve been working on making sure i don’t forget how to be a web developer these past few weeks by spending a couple hours a day with my computer and a textbook… and about every hour, i feel like i should check my work email. of course, i no longer have access to my (old) work email, and wouldn’t care to do anything about it if i did. it’s just strange.

i have a couple of ebooks from sitepoint that i’m meaning to read to make sure my brain doesn’t forget to do what it is that i do. i keep thinking i’ll just plow through them, but it’s so hard to read on an electronic device.

unemployed, week 2

the time has kinda flown by. i have been reading up on javascript and responsive design and trying to keep my brain up to speed. i’ve also been keeping up with matt’s schedule, but taking naps in the evening in order to manage staying up til bar time. don’t want to get into the habit, but it sure has been nice to sleep in and do very little.


it could be worse

after that shitty meeting a mere three weeks ago, we started working on rewriting our job descriptions to be more accurate, and to have a better title (front end design technologist doesn’t roll off the tongue well). since then, a colleague got a promotion and hr approved the job titles, so now i’m an associate front end developer. this is disheartening because they haven’t worked on the job descriptions for the entry-level (me, entry level?) or the mid, so now i get to wait to see if they’ll even bother “promoting” me to the next level up or not.
yea, it could be worse, but it still stinks.