noodle butt

we hung out last night extra long because i dropped her off at the vet this morning for a full dental cleaning. we tried doing doggy maintenance days a couple summers ago, but her gums were already so bad that she would just bleed and i felt badly…
when i left, she was nervous and pacing, but not panting (which is usually what she does), it was hard to say bye because i once lost a ferret during a routine procedure. granted, she was full of tumors and it was probably better for her in the long run.
so, now i’m nervous until they call to tell me she’s woken up.

nice weekend

we hung out at kurt’s mom’s house for a while on sunday. here’s nora playing in the perennial garden.
it may seem as tho i don’t like jones or can’t get a good picture of him.. but the truth is that nora just does funnier stuff for the camera. and sits still longer.

clean bill

the dogs had their annual wellness exam, heartworm check, and lepto shot yesterday. they both passed with flying colors. except that they could lose a couple pounds? i wonder if we should change their annual date to sometime in august or september after they’ve been running around all summer getting trim and fit, instead of march when we’ve all put on a couple pounds trying to keep warm.

everlasting fun

so, the everlasting fun ball has always been a highlight of the dogs’ day… but the last 40lb. bag of food brought with it a free bag of dog treats which fit perfectly in the ball without having to be broken into smaller bits. i think they could be completely occupied for at least 2 hours. which is awesome if you have a dog.

success: day one

apparently, if we discuss the previous wrongdoings with nora, she’ll appreciate the severity of past discipline and not tear anything up. i didn’t come straight home (and kurt was at work) and nothing in the house was moved.
so, maybe the webcam purchase today was premature, but it’ll still be funny to watch them from work. i think.


i don’t know what to do. i left the house for 10 minutes at the most and nora ate one of our netflix dvds.
so i had to give them $20 to cover it.
and she peed on the kitchen floor.
the frustration is around 7 out of 10.


so this time, she got a bag out of the “office” which really belonged in the bathroom.. containing unimportant hair do-hickeys that i haven’t used in several years.
she also tore apart kurt’s wrist brace and the guide for the new cable machine.
i wish i understood what she is trying to do.. like, is she bored with her toys and wants to make a mess on the rug? or is she mad that she’s not getting as much exercise when they’re home with kurt?
either way, i’m wary to leave the house tonight.. i wanted to go visit kurt at the tavern (otherwise, i won’t see him til i get home from work tomorrow) but i don’t want to lock her in the bedroom cuz i feel bad. but if i leave her out and go, kurt will certainly be upset if she tears up any more of his dvds.
i’ll probably just stay home.
p.s., i thought about getting a webcam but i don’t think i can do automatic uploads to the server without special software. i’ll look into it. she’ll probably grab the camera off the table and chew it up.


we’re sitting in the computer room with the door shut because the guy installing the dish is afraid of dogs.

another mess

so we came home to another catastrophe. apparently nora decided to tear apart the remaining dvds on the table (therein which lies a lesson for both kurt and nora).
what’s interesting is that she left the plastic chopsticks completely alone. like they weren’t worth damaging.
jones was, again, sorry and submissive.
i think i ought to get a webcam to ease our discontent. or to provide humor.

a mess

i came home to a small mess this evening… it would appear that someone got into a (yet unpacked) plastic bag with sunscreen and ferret shampoo and they managed to keep all of the shampoo inside of the bag, thankfully. judging from the possible suspects’ reactions, it would appear the guilty one was jones. this is unfortunate, because i know that it was nora. jones is just the one who knows that whatever happened was wrong and gave me the sorry face for it.
nora is definitely benefiting from being a “second-child”. i did not scold her nearly as much as jones has had it in the past. mostly because she would have peed, but secondly because she probably didn’t remember having been the culprit in the crime.
in an unrelated note, my back has a huge knot that i can’t seem to get at.