mum and george got into a pretty bad car accident today. they were on hwy.51, almost stopped to make a left turn and the 79 year old guy behind them (hopefully going the speed limit: 55mph) didn’t stop. subsequently, they were pushed into oncoming traffic and hit another car (trailing a boat) head-on. the boat flew over the car and up the front of mom’s car. everyone was wearing seatbelts. everyone is okay. george sprained his ankle, though. he’s gunna have a hard time not walking around.


it’s finally summer and panera has my favorite salad back on their menu. fresh mozzerella, tomato, and basil. some f*cker mixed grilled chicken in with the mozzerella and i didn’t even have the stomach to pick them out. i threw it out and left. i also went and bought a pack of smokes.

a rose is still a rose

i changed the spelling of my name 3 years ago. actually, it’s just a ‘nick since my given birthname is rebecca. few get to call me that and expect a response. so, since i wanted to buy a domain, i knew was taken. i don’t like how the word looks anyhow. with the “y” jutting down below the rest of the letters. was available, so i bought it and started spelling my name “bekee” online, on paper, and outloud. it really didn’t catch on quickly. mom still spells it the standard way. people at work spell it the way i want them to, but they’re always capitalizing it. i think names look strange with a capital. Bekee looks weird; bekee looks correct. i forgot my cigarettes today. i’m going to see how long i can last without one.

my dream last night

was weird: i was walking around on a state street-ish road with shops and people. i stopped at an atm which was operated, not by electronics, but by anthony heald*. it worked like this; i put my card in the slot and he pulled it out the other side.. then i entered my pin, feeling the pang of forgetfulness that i always feel when i have to use my pin since i don’t use atm’s anymore what with the outrageous “fees”, and after entering some strange amount like $287, he slipped the money through the appropriate slot along with my card. then, out of the receipt slot came even more money.. maybe another $200 or so. the people in line behind me where curiously upset that i had been favored. i walked away smiling. i got to the “end” of the street and saw a very interesting shop with glass shelves in the windows with lamps and clocks for sale. i entered to find the employee asleep on a very fancy, designer couch. she woke up and i said i was “just looking”. i walked around to the back where the shoes were sold. i found some size 6 (not my size) orange puffy plastic shoes. she asked if she could help and i asked her to look in the back for 8 1/2s (my size) as i was searching through the small selection of other shoes. she came back with a remorseful look and said they did not have any. i tried on an 8 and it fit, only to find that it didn’t have a partner to pair with. as i stood up to leave, i saw a shelf full of yarn. it was arranged fairly sloppily, but i still had to look closer. the colors were so beautiful and there was so much of it! eventually more employees came in and for some reason they all fell asleep on various couches throughout the store. i left a note saying “if you find the other size 8, give me a call.” as i was writing the note at the counter, a short mexican man came in with two lottery tickets that hadn’t been scratched off yet. he was holding his hand up with two fingers extended and said, “i’m drunk but i want more to drink.” i said i didn’t have any money for the lottery tickets. then i woke up. *even though boston public is regularly scheduled on monday nights, but i haven’t watched it for about 3 weeks.

Red flag?

How about the red lights? When did we stop teaching children to cross at an appropriately marked crosswalk with lights that already make cars stop? Now they have to carry flags to tell motorists that they want to cross the street at an unmarked intersection? Lame. I’m all for pedestrian safety, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure this is the best solution for our little town.

erykah badu

got me to work this morning.
I don’t walk around trying to be what I’m not / I don’t waste my time trying to get what you got / I work at pleasin’ me / Cause I can’t please you and that’s why I do what I do

fairly good weekend

I had a nice brunch on Sunday with a friend whom I haven’t really been able to sit down and chat with for a while. He’s moving out of the ‘hood, and if current habits persist, he’ll be joining a new crowd at a new drinking establishment and I’ll never see him agian. I got lots of sun while sitting outside during softball practice. I also added about 7 inches to the produce shopping bag that I’m knitting. It’s turning out very nicely, though I will be modifying the pattern so that it knits up more quickly. See you at the game at 9!

it might be

the weather, the phase, or the pure fact that i hate coming home to sit in front of another computer after being at one for 9+ hours. am i getting jaded? have i lost interest in blogging? i wonder how long one can go without blogging something of interest before people just stop checking. unfortunately, i haven’t quit my day job and opened a yarn store. but that prospect is lookin’ mighty fine. i guess it would require saving up some moola, though. an upnote: tomorrow is friday, so the friday five will be in full effect.

i simply have no interest in sitting in front of a computer while i’m on vacation. :)


We lost, 11-13. Wasn’t a horrible defeat cuz we were tied after an hour and had to play “overtime”. Funny.