here’s jonesy:
he is SO CUTE.
p.s., i think he’s part australian shepherd and lab. also, he met like eight neighborhood dogs AND the ferrets today. he’s exhausted!


so, we went to mounds, cuz i needed to get puppy pads for the ferret cage. they’re only 50% litter-box trained, so it makes it a lot easier to clean up. there were two puppies in the care of a foster mom from the country animal haven and kurt absolutely fell in love with the smaller one… so i’m mailing our pre-adoption application tomorrow. he said he’s never been this excited about a dog before; so i hope we get to get her, he’d be awfully disappointed otherwise. he’s pretty small, and the foster mom think he’s got some shepard in her. he’s 6 months so he probably won’t get much bigger. i’m anxiously excited. he even said we’d take her to training classes! i wish i had a pic to show you, but they only have adoptable cats listed on their website.
*edited later because we found it she’s a he. :)