so ever since we got jones, part of our daily conversation consists of things like, “did he poop yet?”, “was it big?”, “was it hard?” and so on. this morning, jones’ excrement consisted not only of digested food, but plastic and foil. a week ago, he got into the garbage by the couch and ate kurt’s gyro wrapper. i’m amazed that it took so long to go through him. i, however, don’t know where the plastic came from.

last nice day

we thought this will probably be the last really nice weekend; so i brought the digicam to the dog park. here’s jones not bringing back his kong (he’s really goot at this).

one year

i forgot to tell you guys that jones turned one on sunday, september 24th. we sang happy birthday and gave him a frosty paws. it was funny.
it also marked us being owned by him for 6 months. it went by fast. those first two weeks, i hardly slept omg.


we went to the dog park after i got home from work and there were like 800 people there. anyhow, this woman with a really cute dog that looked like a cat said, “i love your hair! it’s glowing!!” and proceeded to touch my head.


jones has been pretty good at walking off leash for about a month now. kurt’s been trying since a week after we got him. well, yesterday, he proved to kurt that jones does not quite understand the concept. apparently, they were walking down thornton on the river-side, and jones saw his bff bella across willy. so, he bolted across, in front of a car in which the driver had to lock up his breaks. it was a close call. i’m hoping both jones and kurt learned something from this.


we’re watching bella until monday. she enjoys guarding her food from jones.


when we got him, i stupidly figured he’d stay roughly the same size; not knowing how much dogs actually grow in the first couple years of their lives… he went to the vet yesterday to get his monthly heartgard and we discovered he’d gained 8lbs since the previous month! maybe it’s all the peanut butter. :)