hope springs eternal

matt has a slightly new schedule. after working sunday brunch for 10 years, he’s giving them up. this means we have two whole days together, so instead of trying to squeeze in quality time, chores, projects, and errands into saturday, we can be leisurely about at least half of those things.

my first project is cleaning out the fridge. it’s been a while, and there’s a new smell that i don’t think should be present.

it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend, so we won’t be able to get started on the yard yet, but hopefully soon.

i also think it’s time for another detox/elimination diet, so i should get on planning that.

first thing’s first

you may remember the rotting porch that was dangerous for children and adults alike.


you also may remember my grand idea for a new porch that would showcase the front window and have a nifty bungalow sun thing on the roof fascia:


well, that plan did not work out because there wasn’t enough vertical space to make a roof between the corbels, attic vents, and upstairs window. also, a whole new roof probably would have doubled the cost.

what we ended up with is very nice looking, safe, and will last a lot longer than the previous “porch”.


i’m pleased with how it turned out. we have some more work to do, but the pending bill will halt further progress until more funds are obtained. the roof still needs a little more work, the siding around the door could stand to be replaced and recaulked, and the grade under the bottom step needs to come up 2″ to be to code. i also want to put lattice around the deck after we clean up the underneath, and move the decorative grass and mint somewhere. it might look nice to make a garden trench around the base. see? i’ve already come up with a nifty idea by just writing.


finally, i can use the wacom stylus that i spent way too much on for something. i took a picture of the house yesterday morning and drew a porch on it. if it were only that easy in real life.


the color is not accurate, it’s just so i can see it over the house. matt and i haven’t talked about painting yet, but i’m kind of excited to clean ‘er up and do something to make her pretty.

got what was coming to me

two weeks ago i met with a lender at heartland to refinance my mortgage. i got all excited because the possibility was going to put me 9 years ahead of schedule and saving at least 140k from switching to my current 24-years to a 15-year loan.

we cleaned the house. not with a fine-toothed comb, but with lots of sweat and elbow grease. the appraiser showed up in his red porsche convertible and told me about his second home in florida while enjoying a 7-minute walkthrough of the house, snapping unflattering pictures of each room.

my stomach was in knots, waiting to hear from the bank.

the email came on saturday at noon. thankfully, i was oblivious, and enjoying brunch at sardine with matt, josh, and claire. i’m not sure why i checked my email at 7 that night, but all i saw was the ridiculously low appraisal number. one that made it so that i would have to come up with $10k at closing. who has 10 grand just sitting around? if i had 10 grand sitting around, i would have a second-story bathroom by now.

the lender thought i could put my car up against the amount while i wait for chase bank to “refund” my escrow (because i would have been switching banks), but that seems like a silly game of shells.

so, i’ve enlisted my pal, Judy, to help with some minor and not-so-minor updates to the outside of the house and have started looking at bungalow paint colors.

this one is super cute:

so, we’re in the market to borrow a ladder to reach the top of the eaves or scaffolding if any of my readers are frequent home painters.

finally using my degree

i’ve been designing screens for the past couple days at work. it’s been a while since i’ve pushed pixels around and it’s been a nice break from troubleshooting and coding. it’s nothing very complicated, but i still hope the client likes it; i’m not a super-designer, by any means.

the semi-annual shindig went well, albeit ending a little earlier than normal. i think it’s because we woke up at 8 in order to get everything done. in hindsight, we probably could have slept til 9.

my summer of mickey’s is over. though, i can still fill in if someone needs a shift covered. it’s nice to know i can score a handful of cash if the need arises.


i can’t believe it’s april already. i know my birthday week is going to come and go as quickly as it always does. i’m fortunate to be able to take the whole week off from the “new” place. i hope that trend continues.

i’m looking forward to, hopefully, a nice dinner. i also plan to get the freelance gig taken care of since i don’t think i could keep myself from working the whole week.

i’d like to clean up the house, too. it’ll be a good time to open the windows, mop the kitchen, and purge unneeded items before our party. because, after memorial day weekend, matt will be working saturdays and i’ll be working sundays and i doubt we’ll get much more done beyond that. i hope we can keep up with the garden and yard.

holiday break

i’m really looking forward to the time off that i’m able to take between christmas eve and the 5th of january. lots of sleeping in, and lots of time with matt and the animals.

i think, every year, i come up with an aggressive plan to clean or organize or modify; this year is no different!

here’s what i would like to accomplish in the almost-two-weeks off:

clean study

get rid of things i no longer need (three-year old broken computer, computer parts that don’t fit anything anymore)

organize and move items that are in the way


power-clean the floor

consider relocating the toaster oven since it barely gets used

we have a nice, metal shelf from a friend who moved, and i think i want it to replace the shelving situation in front of the window.


put away clothes and pack up items (for st. vinny’s) that no longer fit or that i haven’t worn in a couple of years


clean up the general area at the base of the steps

get new insulation since the mice have ruined most of it between the foundation and where the house starts

what’s in my bag

i need to catalog and find links to the items that i carry on a daily basis, then take a series of photographs and write something up to submit to cool tools. this will be at least a four-hour project.

i think that’s about it; i’ll wait til matt reads the list. :)

new wheels

apparently, in order to be a  real bicycle snob, you need n+1 bikes. so i went ahead and ordered myself a new one. this guy will be my fixed gear ride; until i get sick of not being able to coast and flip the hub back to the freewheel.

i might need to get some hooks on which to hang the bike that i’m not using… our little day spa is getting cozy.

maybe, while we’re thinking of how to redo the chicken situation, we could build a shed for their items. that could help get rid of meeces on the day spa, too.


some time this winter, i want to remove everything from the floor of the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom, and scrub the heck out of the linoleum. i might even go so far as to pull out the stove and fridge, but we’ll see which end of the rooms i start in and how i feel once i get to them.

i also wouldn’t mind getting new flooring, but that involves more than i want to tackle right now, since it’s all once piece. even tho whoever installed it did a poor job cutting around the door jam in the bathroom.

flyin’ solo

matt left this afternoon to fly to vegas for our friend kate’s wedding; he’s her best man.

i didn’t commit to going when it came up (in january?) cuz i don’t plan that far ahead in my life. this is where it gets funny. matt put off/forgot about it until this past tuesday; when he booked the flight. he didn’t have a hotel until we booked it last night. O.O

so, i’m going home to a human-empty house. weird.