it’s weird. i’ve been working on making sure i don’t forget how to be a web developer these past few weeks by spending a couple hours a day with my computer and a textbook… and about every hour, i feel like i should check my work email. of course, i no longer have access to my (old) work email, and wouldn’t care to do anything about it if i did. it’s just strange.

i have a couple of ebooks from sitepoint that i’m meaning to read to make sure my brain doesn’t forget to do what it is that i do. i keep thinking i’ll just plow through them, but it’s so hard to read on an electronic device.

unemployed, week 2

the time has kinda flown by. i have been reading up on javascript and responsive design and trying to keep my brain up┬áto speed. i’ve also been keeping up with matt’s schedule, but taking naps in the evening in order to manage staying up til bar time. don’t want to get into the habit, but it sure has been nice to sleep in and do very little.


whole lotta somethin’

i don’t think i mentioned that it’s been 20 or so years since i was laid off. great lakes, a cold-calling telemarketing place went out of business and i was without a job for a little bit. unemployment, and the whole thing.

so, the past couple weeks have been pretty much a roller coaster.

i managed to a nab up a nice macbook pro from craigslist. to be honest, i really miss my mac at work. the keyboard is nice, the operating system is nice, everything is nice.

i tend to do this thing where, when something kinda bad (or terrible) happens to me, i treat myself to new toys. i justified this one by convincing myself that, if i’m going to freelance, i’ll surely need a machine on which to test websites! surely!

in other news, last night, we drove out to middleton to meet with some ex-coworkers and have some dranks. the funniest bit is that i always joked about not winning a doll ever. they’d have drawings and random employee party things where someone would win a doll, and it was never me… i think it became a thing. regardless, a typical ending to employment-by-choice is that the employee would receive a doll that looks like them.
of course, i look a little different than most, so have always been secretly looking forward to what that doll might end up being like. thankfully, my very good friends were able to finagle a doll for me.


doll1 doll2

i got a doll.

off schedule

my sleep pattern is officially broken. i’ve been lying awake in bed since 1ish. it is now 4:30.

it’s super weird to not have work to worry about. my brain keeps going places and i think, “hey! you don’t have to care about that anymore!” what a relief.

in other exciting news, it was four years ago today that i made the decision to be with someone who appreciates and loves me. it seems like a lot longer, but that’s a good thing.

another chapter

i guess there’s no reason to keep it a secret. i was a casualty of “reduction in force” on tuesday morning. we all knew it was coming; mattel didn’t do so well last year, so they had to cut some people. it was kinda surreal, in retrospect. the speculation began almost immediately that morning, conference rooms booked by hr folks, strange, new people hanging out in them… blinds pulled in offices that are normally wide open. i was about to take my morning walk, but decided to stick around, just in case. on my way back to my desk, i was called into the vp’s office. fast forward about an hour, and i’m grinning from ear to ear while walking to my car, calling matt to let him know i’d be home early.

so, i spent tuesday afternoon with matt and the dogs and we got to enjoy a late dinner at grampa’s pizzeria. then we tooled around town and played some magic yesterday, and today, i’m preparing for the next adventure. also, staying out late because i can.

also, cats:



nero was being exceptionally cute one evening; he seems to be unable to leave me alone when i’m on the couch… so i took a series of photos and threw them into an animated gif. hopefully it doesn’t make you sick, from cuteness or motion.




that was ridiculously easy.

i even stopped and looked at the computer like it was going to slap me out of a coma or something.

i’m now running on wordpress. it’s kind of silly that i waited so long!

a long time ago

i used to put together pcs, geek out on getting my website all cool, create sims skins in my free time… i need to find that spark again. it’s obviously not happening in my professional life, so i need to do it elsewhere. i have a bunch of books from sitepoint that i need to read; to get back up to speed. i also need to convert this blog to wordpress.
i feel like i let myself get stagnant and it’s not doing me any good.

more rocks

i’ve been getting better at wire wrapping more rocks… i’ve also gotten pretty good at guessing the gauge of wire that i need. the first four have 20g square and 21g half round. also, 5′ goes quickly; i think i’ve only wrapped 4 with the first 5′ batch i bought. i’ve ordered 22g of both square and half round for the next batch, and more than 5′ worth. i don’t have any pictures right now, so at this point, i would say, “cool story, bro.”
i do, however, have pictures of sleeping beings; i think i was the only one awake in the house for a moment.
martin seems to like to guard the sleepers.
nora tends to like to be uncomfortable when she’s tired.
matt had a long day, and jones was being empathetic.

moar pics!

when the blog gets scarce, i try to dump my appropriate phone pics for posterity’s sake.
burnie adopted my robe as her own after she got out of quarantine, and i have only been able to wear it a couple of times since:
apparently, she’s also convinced alex that the humans have no need for warmth:
martin was bothering me on the couch, and i never realized what that little three-circle icon was on my phone, so i snapped a filtered photo, as the cool kids do:
also, nero can’t seem to leave me along on the couch either. here’s a cute pic of him trying to sniff the phone:
you would think that i’m a cat person, but i just have cats.
also, myself and my car hit a milestone this past monday.
i’ve never had a car with this many miles on it. i’m not sure whether to be happy that it’s lasted this long (since i still have a loan out on it).