two things

i don’t think i’d actually post either of these things to facebook, but that doesn’t really matter.

in an email to a client, my boss referred to me as a ‘star developer’ who will handle training on how to administer their website.

even though i don’t really *want* to work, i have not once, in the 2.5 years at earthling, left the house with a feeling of dread or contempt to be going to work. the bike ride helps, but looking forward to solving problems with smart and conscientious people is really rewarding </cheese>.

first thing’s first

you may remember the rotting porch that was dangerous for children and adults alike.


you also may remember my grand idea for a new porch that would showcase the front window and have a nifty bungalow sun thing on the roof fascia:


well, that plan did not work out because there wasn’t enough vertical space to make a roof between the corbels, attic vents, and upstairs window. also, a whole new roof probably would have doubled the cost.

what we ended up with is very nice looking, safe, and will last a lot longer than the previous “porch”.


i’m pleased with how it turned out. we have some more work to do, but the pending bill will halt further progress until more funds are obtained. the roof still needs a little more work, the siding around the door could stand to be replaced and recaulked, and the grade under the bottom step needs to come up 2″ to be to code. i also want to put lattice around the deck after we clean up the underneath, and move the decorative grass and mint somewhere. it might look nice to make a garden trench around the base. see? i’ve already come up with a nifty idea by just writing.

so, i did a thing

i was watching a new netflix series last night (the glitch) and for some reason became distracted by my phone (for some reason? aren’t we all staring at our phones anymore?) and my feed was brimming with detritus about the presidential debate. since i was already in a sour mood, it was a simple leap for me to consider deleting my facebook account.

instead of being so rash, i opted to deactivate my account for a time. funny thing is, the max amount of time zuckerburg thinks you should be away from his advertising mechanism is seven days.

i decided that, since my poor blog has gone the way of the dodo, every time i have the need to share something with no one, i’ll post it here! that’s what i used to do all the time, anyway.

so, maybe for the next seven days, i’ll have some grand ideas and they’ll be used for good, instead of for feeding the facebook data warehouse.

dropped off the face of the internet

sorry, dear readers!

life took a little back seat for a minute while we got permitted to work on a front deck (i should really take an in-progress picture tonight) and matt was in the hospital for a week. and now it’s autumn. and lutefisk is around the corner and the dogs are getting more and more gray and work is back into the swing of folks trying to get shit done before the end of the year.

and i barely have time to cook dinner let alone blog about it.

i’ve said it before, how do folks with kids get life done?

i made it

there and back again.

i’ll post pictures and videos once i have a moment. getting back into real life has been a bit of a challenge, but i’m sure it’ll get easier as the days go on. i’m a little regretful that i didn’t camp near where all my friends were. i probably would have stayed until monday if i’d been with folks that i know. i’ll get over that quickly though, because i can’t change it now.

one more day

i’m feeling woefully unprepared for this trip, or rather, for the camping itself. three afternoons/nights/mornings of 14 hours of music and a 90% likelihood of rain mixed with sleeping on the ground (i’ve decided to bring my unreasonably-thick yoga mat) will make for an interesting time.

i had planned on coming back sometime on sunday so i could get a day of normalcy in before coming back to work, but one of my favorite djs is on at 9p on sunday night. i guess we’ll have to see where my friend and i are at. he said he wouldn’t mind coming back sunday because “we’re not kids anymore.”

since there will be no cell service, i don’t know how many folks will have their phones out to take pictures. it feels like that’s going to be frowned upon, but i don’t know how any of us will remember everything if there isn’t photography to keep. i’m glad i got a larger storage iphone for my recent upgrade.

sort of a plan

so i’ve landed on making some hobo packets for dinners and overnight oats for breakfasts. i got a butane grill from farm n fleet last weekend for ~$16 (they were having a sale on their camping gear), so that should suffice; i also got some freezer bricks, and a pop-up garbage can.

i neglected to set up the tent last weekend because the yard took precedent, but will have to, just to air it out and make sure it has all the parts.

i’m nervous about leaving matt and the dogs for so long. but, i think the strangeness of being transported back 20 years will likely take over and i’ll be able to relax once i can dance.


finally, i can use the wacom stylus that i spent way too much on for something. i took a picture of the house yesterday morning and drew a porch on it. if it were only that easy in real life.


the color is not accurate, it’s just so i can see it over the house. matt and i haven’t talked about painting yet, but i’m kind of excited to clean ‘er up and do something to make her pretty.

got what was coming to me

two weeks ago i met with a lender at heartland to refinance my mortgage. i got all excited because the possibility was going to put me 9 years ahead of schedule and saving at least 140k from switching to my current 24-years to a 15-year loan.

we cleaned the house. not with a fine-toothed comb, but with lots of sweat and elbow grease. the appraiser showed up in his red porsche convertible and told me about his second home in florida while enjoying a 7-minute walkthrough of the house, snapping unflattering pictures of each room.

my stomach was in knots, waiting to hear from the bank.

the email came on saturday at noon. thankfully, i was oblivious, and enjoying brunch at sardine with matt, josh, and claire. i’m not sure why i checked my email at 7 that night, but all i saw was the ridiculously low appraisal number. one that made it so that i would have to come up with $10k at closing. who has 10 grand just sitting around? if i had 10 grand sitting around, i would have a second-story bathroom by now.

the lender thought i could put my car up against the amount while i wait for chase bank to “refund” my escrow (because i would have been switching banks), but that seems like a silly game of shells.

so, i’ve enlisted my pal, Judy, to help with some minor and not-so-minor updates to the outside of the house and have started looking at bungalow paint colors.

this one is super cute:

so, we’re in the market to borrow a ladder to reach the top of the eaves or scaffolding if any of my readers are frequent home painters.