hope springs eternal

matt has a slightly new schedule. after working sunday brunch for 10 years, he’s giving them up. this means we have two whole days together, so instead of trying to squeeze in quality time, chores, projects, and errands into saturday, we can be leisurely about at least half of those things.

my first project is cleaning out the fridge. it’s been a while, and there’s a new smell that i don’t think should be present.

it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend, so we won’t be able to get started on the yard yet, but hopefully soon.

i also think it’s time for another detox/elimination diet, so i should get on planning that.

more doing

i got this tattoo last weekend.

i’m also helping out a local pantry with some marketing of their services and an annual banquet. i may be soliciting the help of a friends’ illustration skills because my skills are no good.

i’m also still working on the website for a local artist. i can’t wait til it goes live because i think work might buy a piece or two for the office.

i did this thing

so, i’m the new founder of madison’s wordpress meetup. i was also labeled ‘sr. developer’ in a recent proposal at work. i think i’ve come a long way in the last three years at earthling. imagine that.

i’m also working on a side project for a local artist and am hoping to have her new site up sometime this month.

doing these things makes my brain happy.


i’ve been slacking a little with the yoga. i skipped the weekend, and tuesday/today. i’m not sure why, since it’s just a little bit of time in the morning.

i need to get back into the (week)daily routine.

sunny disposition

a friend once called me effervescent. i had no idea what it meant at the time.

a co-worker that recently left said he’d miss my bubbly personality.

i ran into a woman at a local coffee shop who said to her friend about me, “she always has such a sunny disposition!”

i’m glad these moments happen because they outweigh folks who know that i bike every day, all year and say (because the wind may have picked up or it’s sleeting a little), “you’re going to hate it out there.”

of course, i’m not going to hate it. i don’t hate anything, and i’m sorry that you’re so negative that you feel like you have to push your sad and grumpy attitude on someone who is clearly prepared to bike in a little wind or rain.

grow a pair, wouldya?

sun salute

i did day five of the 21 days of yoga this morning, i think i have the warm-up moves memorized now and am using the right muscles (not back but abs) to keep myself balanced.

i took yesterday off the routine to let the muscles rest a little, also because we inadvertently skipped dinner on saturday night, so my energy level was quite low.

in other news, i’ve started doing that thing where i get myself involved in several different activities in order to keep distracted. i’m going to start organizing a meetup which i’m getting work to sponsor. i’m trying to meet with a local pantry to see if i can volunteer (at least web services, if not time). and, i’m taking on another freelance gig; i’ll meet with the client this weekend.

i’m also meeting with a tattoo artist this afternoon to discuss a chest piece. i’m excited because her style is really neat.


i bought the 21-day yoga body thingy almost a year ago, thinking i would transform into a flexible stretchy machine overnight. well, now that i’m almost a year older, and that much wiser, i know that is an impossible feat to ask my body to accomplish.

after a really nice talk with a friend who’s gotten into coaching, i decided to give it another try.

i can’t do yoga in the living room because there are too many animals wondering if they can help or get petted since i’m at their level. so, we cleaned up the front bedroom enough that the floor is usable and my yoga mat lives in there now.

as of this morning, i’ve completed day three and, if nothing else, feel better and enjoy the quiet, centered time before getting ready for work.


my blood pressure has stabilized at a normal range. the nurse suggested that losing 5-10 pounds might also help. i thought that was cute.

got my labs back this morning. my liver is fine. my bad cholesterol is ridiculously low. my good cholesterol is on the low end of normal. the dr suggests more exercise might raise that. what’s with these health care professionals?

i’m considering taking john nolan and going around monona bay to add to the work commute, but i can’t really see myself adding jogging or the like into my weekly routine. at least not as of yet.



i decided to pay my friend, Jim, a visit for yoga last night. he’s the owner and director of main street yoga and i’ve known him for quite some time. i asked Maureen if she’d come with me. even though the practice is typically very internal, it’s nice to have a friend nearby to share faces of surprise and amazement.

the hour and a half went by very quickly.

once we got to shavasana, i wished that it could be longer. my thoughts drifted to the “time-out”s that i had to endure as a hyperactive kid. my mom would be in the kitchen doing something, and when i needed a time out, she’d tell me to sit on one of the kitchen chairs and she’d set the microwave timer, usually for 10 minutes. each of those moments were the longest 10 minutes of my childhood.

it’s too bad 39-year old me couldn’t tell 7-year old me to relish those minutes cuz i might wish for that to happen more often when i got older.